Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Official like a referee with a whistle..... and a GIVEAWAY!!

Business license, check!! I am so so stoked to announce that we are officially Placerville residents and open for business up in beautiful El Dorado County. I can see big things happening here in not just our personal life, but also my photography life and I am overwhelmingly excited to watch that potential unfold. With that said, it's time to meet my new clients, ha!!

 How about a giveaway (or three!!!!)? That's right, we are celebrating big and offering three free sessions to deserving El Dorado County residents. The flyer pretty much says it all, but I will throw in there that I am looking for truly, deserving folks. Folks with big hearts that give more than they receive and will really appreciate this gift. So please, email me as fast as your fingers can type. I am excited to read them!! Oh, one more thing... If you are nominating someone for a newborn session, the mom must be currently pregnant due to the timeline. Newborns preform best between 4-14 days old. :) Thanks guys!!