Monday, May 20, 2013

The "C" Family

It is with extreme honor I post these images taken a little over a week ago of the "C" Family. They were the lucky winners of my "Welcome to El Dorado County" giveaway and they could not be more deserving. Their story is not mine to tell, but let me assure you it's one that will pull at every single one of your heartstrings. These guys are spectacular and being witness to their love was something amazing. These two little boys are so lucky to be loved by these two kind, good hearted people and I feel so lucky to have met all four of them. The "C" Family you have earned a special spot in my heart and I hope to be able to witness your love again. Thank you for showing me the type of love that lives up here in El Dorado County. I feel blessed to bring my own family into it. Thank you!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Official like a referee with a whistle..... and a GIVEAWAY!!

Business license, check!! I am so so stoked to announce that we are officially Placerville residents and open for business up in beautiful El Dorado County. I can see big things happening here in not just our personal life, but also my photography life and I am overwhelmingly excited to watch that potential unfold. With that said, it's time to meet my new clients, ha!!

 How about a giveaway (or three!!!!)? That's right, we are celebrating big and offering three free sessions to deserving El Dorado County residents. The flyer pretty much says it all, but I will throw in there that I am looking for truly, deserving folks. Folks with big hearts that give more than they receive and will really appreciate this gift. So please, email me as fast as your fingers can type. I am excited to read them!! Oh, one more thing... If you are nominating someone for a newborn session, the mom must be currently pregnant due to the timeline. Newborns preform best between 4-14 days old. :) Thanks guys!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Kelsee and Vince are Getting Hitched

These two have been in my life almost longer than they haven't. I like when I can say that about people. :) Vince went to elementary school with my little sister, where they formed a definite brother/sister relationship. They were competitive. Then my sister met Kelsee through softball where they formed a sister/sister relationship. They were competitive. :) Maybe Sam is the competitive link in the situation, but anyway.... Somehow Kelsee and Vince met along the way and now Sam's two competitive non-blood siblings are getting married. It has been an honor to watch their relationship grow. I know Kelsee was waiting for that ring and I'm pretty sure Vince was worth the wait. They have many, many happy years ahead of them and they have such a beautiful, supportive family to add to those memories. Good luck guys! We are all so excited to see what kind of goodness you add to the world.

And this was my first session up here in BEAUTIFUL El Dorado County. Guys, it is A-MA-ZING! Oh man, these locations rock. They rock so hard. :) 

Monday, February 4, 2013

2013 Photo Challenge

I've decided to join Paint the Moon's photo challenge this year and am loving the motivation to get my "big camera" out and photograph the kids. It's a lifestyle challenge and it has been so much fun capturing our everyday moments that make up our life. Lifestyle photography is something that I am really passionate about. I think it's important to document those mundane, normal moments because one day you will look back and realize, "that was our life." I am excited to start offering "At Home with...." sessions when I finally get to open my doors to El Dorado County.

Anyway, here's weeks 3-5 of the challenge. I joined a little late in the game.

Week 3: I Wish I Could Freeze Time
The Husband came home from a long shift at work and all he wanted to do was take a nap with his little girl. Be still my heart.

Week 4: A Different Perspective
This is a normal perspective, but not one that I would usually photograph. I'm sure glad I documented it though because I will miss this little face looking up at me soon enough. This picture was chosen to be featured in Week 4's roundup! I was so excited to see my sweet little girl's face among other great photographer's pictures. What an honor.  You can check it out here:

Week 5: Finding the Light
I love this picture of our sweetie. She loves to hang out by our (very dirty) slider and yell at her reflection. This day she happened to have a wood block in her hand. She cracks me up. 
I guess this week's needs to be of our boy. Poor guy must be feeling left out. He's so much harder to catch. :)