Monday, May 20, 2013

The "C" Family

It is with extreme honor I post these images taken a little over a week ago of the "C" Family. They were the lucky winners of my "Welcome to El Dorado County" giveaway and they could not be more deserving. Their story is not mine to tell, but let me assure you it's one that will pull at every single one of your heartstrings. These guys are spectacular and being witness to their love was something amazing. These two little boys are so lucky to be loved by these two kind, good hearted people and I feel so lucky to have met all four of them. The "C" Family you have earned a special spot in my heart and I hope to be able to witness your love again. Thank you for showing me the type of love that lives up here in El Dorado County. I feel blessed to bring my own family into it. Thank you!!!