Monday, February 25, 2013

Kelsee and Vince are Getting Hitched

These two have been in my life almost longer than they haven't. I like when I can say that about people. :) Vince went to elementary school with my little sister, where they formed a definite brother/sister relationship. They were competitive. Then my sister met Kelsee through softball where they formed a sister/sister relationship. They were competitive. :) Maybe Sam is the competitive link in the situation, but anyway.... Somehow Kelsee and Vince met along the way and now Sam's two competitive non-blood siblings are getting married. It has been an honor to watch their relationship grow. I know Kelsee was waiting for that ring and I'm pretty sure Vince was worth the wait. They have many, many happy years ahead of them and they have such a beautiful, supportive family to add to those memories. Good luck guys! We are all so excited to see what kind of goodness you add to the world.

And this was my first session up here in BEAUTIFUL El Dorado County. Guys, it is A-MA-ZING! Oh man, these locations rock. They rock so hard. :) 

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